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Simple ways to find Wedding Venues on a Budget

Usually, thousands of dollars are spent on weddings in Austin. But don’t worry there are plenty of creative ways to plan a wedding that may help you save a hefty amount of money without sacrificing your dreams.

Choosing a cheap wedding venue is one of the best ways of saving a huge amount of money. Many things can be included in a wedding venue, but for most weddings, it means a place for the reception and a place for the ceremony.

Everything in a wedding is directly or indirectly attached to the wedding venue, therefore, you should prefer choosing the wedding venue before anything else as it can help you save thousands of dollars in many other areas.

If you are looking for ways to find the cheap wedding venue in Austin then you’ve come to the right place because here we are going to share some useful tips with you that will help you make the most cost-effective decision for planning your wedding.

Don’t Get Married on a Saturday:

Getting married on Saturday is traditional, convenient and most of the prefer it. But only a few people know that it is the most expensive day due to its popularity. You can save almost 50% money if you book a venue for Sunday or Friday. Because people usually don’t book those venues on those days, and your booking will be an extra income for them.

Focus on Priorities:

Focus on things that are most important for you such as the view from the venue, the food, a 5-star sprawl of gourmet delights and the location of the venue. Think about things that are most valuable to you and spend the required money on that one thing. It will help you save money as you’ll spend money on the stuff that doesn’t matter as much.

Go Small Town Instead of Big City:

Big cities are usually more expensive than the small towns. So, choose a location in a small town to get better deals. People who plan to book a venue in small towns (that are not far from their residence) save much more on their wedding than those who book a venue in the big cities.

Choose One Venue Instead of Two:

Instead of choosing different venues for reception and the ceremony, try to find a venue that has the ability to accommodate both of your needs. It will help you save more money as you will be paying for one location instead of two.

For instance, there are many churches that provide their halls for such kind of events. It will not only help you save money on the venue but it will also help you facilitate your guests as they will not have to drive to get to the reception from the ceremony.

Consider Non-traditional venues:

Consider an art gallery, a public park and a bed & breakfast for your reception. The prices for such venue are less than the traditional venues.



While most of us aren’t strangers to online dating, some may be skeptical about how effective it can be when it comes to having a long lasting dating relationships. Though online sites and apps can often have the negative stereotype of only being used for hookups, there are several benefits to using dating sites for your love life. Click Here for Tinder.


Dating Online: Why it Works

Online dating isn’t for everyone, it does have the potential to work for almost anybody. Keeping an open mind to using dating sites will give you a new experience and the opportunity to meet great people. Here are a few of the benefits dating sites have to offer from gratis datingsidor.


  1. It’s Convenient

For newbies, online dating might feel a little overwhelming. However, once you ease yourself into the process, you will realize how convenient it is to meet your next date through your phone or computer. Signing up on a dating site is quick and easy and will get you a pool of eligible dates in no time. After joining, one simply has to answer a few questions, add a few pictures and search through local singles– it’s that easy!


  1. Dating, without the Nerves

Singles that find it incredible nerve wracking to approach new people might find online dating all the more appealing. With online dating sites, singles can approach new people without the added nervousness or shyness that they may be accustomed to in real life. Additionally, the process of messaging and chatting online and on the phone before actually meeting in person can allow you to get more comfortable than you might with a blind date “in the real world”.


  1. Avoid Rejection Awkwardness

Sure, you can be rejected on online dating sites as well but it isn’t as embarrassing. When you go through the matching process on most dating sites, both singles have to show interest in each other. This keeps you from having to suffer any awkwardness or embarrassment that may be felt when approaching someone in person. Once you know the other person is already interested in you, guards are already down and rejection is not at the forefront of your mind.

As you prepare to explore the world of online dating, it is important to keep an open mind. You may not find your happily ever after online, but it’s worth a try. You never know who you might might meet with the next click or the next swipe.