If you’re a lover of wine, it is no surprise that you are hunting for the best wine cooler. If you really love your wine, it’s a great investment to get the right cooler to ensure proper wine storage. When wine isn’t kept properly, it can turn badly very quickly. For a serious wine lover, finding a wine cooler that is the best for you is a must!


Choosing a Cooler

For a first timer, buying a wine cooler may seem like a simple task. However, there are a few key things to

keep in mind when searching for the right wine cooler.


  1. Wine Capacity

Your fondness for wine will determine the amount of space you need in your wine cooler. Is your wine collection larger than most or do you enjoy a nice bottle every now and then? For the part time wine collector, smaller wine coolers can store 6 bottles or more. For those that have an extensive wine collection, larger models allow for up to 200 bottles.


  1. Single and Dual Zone Coolers

The single vs dual zone debate is really for wine lovers that may favor one color over another. If you are in the habit of storing one particular color, a single zone cooler is just the right fit for you. However if you are interested in storing both red and white wine, you will need a wine cooler that is a dual zone cooler. This allows the cooler to be set at varying temperatures that are perfect for red and white wines, respectively. With these dual compartments, both your reds and whites will be properly stored.


  1. Free Standing or Built-in Coolers

For a cooler that fits perfectly underneath the cabinet in your kitchen, you may need to consider a built in cooler. This will ensure you have no issues with ventilation and that your wine selections are right where you want them. For the wine lover that wants to show off their collection, the free standing cooler is the best bet. Check out this site reviews wine coolers.

  1. Construction

When it comes to the actual construction of the wine cooler, you should choose a cooler that has its doors made with UV protected double paned glass. The UV filter will keep the wine away from direct sun, which protects the wine from heat exposure. The double paned glass will ensure that the internal temperature of the fridge is just right.


Whatever your preference for wine is, the right wine cooler awaits! Using our helpful tips, your next cooler will be just what you have been searching for.