10 Surprising Wine Etiquette Tips

Sipping into wine should be poised and classy. Being the host of a get-together, you must know the wine etiquette suggestions before throwing the party. Let’s find out, what are the top etiquettes for wine-drinking.

Do your research

Can you tell the difference between your Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay? How to perceive the tannin flavor by your tongue? Doing your homework is the pre-requisite before you learn other wine-etiquette tips.

Devour its smell

Devour the wine’s smell before taking a small sip. If your guest fails to identify the source of the fruity aroma, then teach her patiently about- primary, secondary and tertiary fragrance a wine has.

Open the bottle masterfully

Elegance must reflect on how you open the bottle. Don’t do it hurriedly or else the bubbly inside will pop over. Do it meticulously with a cork opener. In case you don’t know it, request anyone to lend an expert’s hand.

Learn how to hold bottle

Regardless of whether you are holding a wine bottle or a glass, hold it from the base. Don’t grab the bottle by its neck or cup the glass near its brim.

Know the ideal measure

Try not to top off the glass more than halfway. The fine texture of wine needs space to move around. The ideal amount ought to lie somewhere between 5-6 oz.

Distribute in equal portions

While you are consuming wine with others, distribute the liquor in equal amounts in everybody’s glass. Additionally, in the wake of opening a new bottle, offer it your guests first.

Keep a spit bucket in the room

Spitting is perfectly normal when you taste a wine for the first time. It might occur with one of your visitors as well. So keep a wine spit-bucket handy in one corner of the room.

Put it in fridge

In the 21st century, millennials buy wine for quick consumption. Don’t hesitate to take the bottle out of the fridge in front of guests. Or put some ice cubes in the glass. Everybody deserves chilled, sparkling wine.

Pre-order it in restaurant

While accompanying a date in a restaurant, pre-order the wine before the food arrives. Ring up the eatery beforehand to set up this plan.

Ace the tasting room manners

In case you are invited to a wine tasting session, practice manners before you go there. They are straightforward- don’t block the line in front of the table, be courteous to other’s opinion on a particular wine, don’t hog onto the appetizers, to name a few.

These etiquette tips ought to improve your wine-drinking experience as opposed to overwhelming you. Ponder over them and you are surely going to rock the party with your choice of wine.


5 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of workout on this planet. Research in this field has come up with the fact that yoga might be around 5000 years old. There are a number of benefits that can be fetched from yoga. It improves emotional mental and physical health and therefore it does not come as a surprise that the popularity of this form of exercise is on the rise.  Without further ado, here are the 5 main reasons why you must consider doing yoga.

Stress Busting

Stress is one of the main reasons why people suffer from depression and anxiety. Yoga is considered one of the most effective ways of relieving stress. Recent research on this topic has concluded that a six week workout program of weekly yoga can go a long way in reducing fatigue and anxiety and in increasing resilience to stress and emotional well-being (click here for a great beginner program). The greatest benefit of yoga is that it helps in reducing the levels of stress dramatically and also increases an individual’s awareness of daily pressures.

Reduces Anxiety

Proper yoga helps in reducing the bouts of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem that people tend to suffer from on a regular basis. Yoga not only helps in reducing anxiety and depression but at the same time it helps in increasing joyfulness in life and self confidence to the extent where an individual starts feeling in love with life.

Good for the Back

For people suffering from back pain, yoga is one of the safest ways of exercising. There are many people who are of the view that rest is one of the best remedies for back pain. However, the truth is that gentle yoga exercises like can help in stretching and relaxing tight muscles that are the main cause of serious back pain.

Banishes Pains and Aches

The gentle stretches and movements of yoga are considered one of the perfect ways of dealing with general pains and aches. It has been found through research that simple ten minute daily yoga can help in keeping the body in perfect condition and in melting away the niggling pains and aches that generally build up when an individual works hard or is not exercising enough. There are several yoga forms that help in releasing sequences which twist, stretch and bend the entire body from top to bottom. Yoga practice is therefore considered the perfect method of soothing away all sorts of bodily pains and aches.

Improved Breathing

There are many people who practice yoga because of several health issues like bronchitis or asthma. Yoga breathing exercises or Pranayama are considered quite beneficial when it comes to helping people relax and gain control of their emotions and mind. This further helps an individual in breathing easily. The breathing problem of people can easily be warded off by practicing yoga exercises like windmill or pigeon breath.


Overall, yoga is beneficial for the well-being of an individual. Improved posture gained by way of practicing yoga on a regular basis helps in increasing health and the feelings of general well-being.


Keys To Hiring A Wedding Photographer

We all know how stressful it can be to hire a perfect wedding photographer. You want everything to go nice and smoothly, because that’s not the day for mistakes.

A wedding photographer plays an important role in the whole ceremony. He’s the one the most responsible for capturing and creating perfect memories for you and your spouse.

If you’re anxious to know the easiest way to hire a great wedding photographer, here’s what you need to look for:

Pick a style

Are you into portraiture or a fine art style? Maybe you want to go with something bold and edgy, something worth noticing and remembering? Whatever the case, you need to find a photographer who specializes in a style you would like to choose for your wedding photoshooting. That way you will get what you want and the photographer will likely know what he is doing.

Set a budget

A budget is a key to every successful planning, especially for a wedding ceremony. If you’re on a tight budget, you probably won’t be able to hire A class photographer, but that’s okay. There are still great C class photographers that can meet your expectations.

Professional or non-professional

A choice of a professional versus non-professional photographer depends on a budget you set. By rule, non-professionals are usually more affordable than professional photographers.

Know your venue

Where you will be taking a photo shoot will probably determine the price and the additional equipment a photographer needs in order to deliver photos you expect. If you pick a closed venue (your home or a wedding hall), make sure it comes with a natural lighting. That way, the photographer won’t be needed the additional lighting. On the flip side, the outdoor photo shoot can also bring additional fees and take a lot more time than you originally planned.

Set up an interview

After checking references and recommendations from friends and acquaintances, you should make a list of potential candidates and set up an interview with them. An ideal situation is a face-to-face interview, but Skype interview will also work fine. Don’t get unprepared – set up a questionnaire because it’s a perfect chance to find out everything you need in order to make a right decision.

Sign a contract

When you choose your perfect wedding photographer, you might want to consider signing a contract. This will define rights of each side and deal some sensitive questions regarding intellectual rights, additional fees or equipment.

Do a test shooting

Normally, a photographer will suggest a test shooting where you both will see whether a collaboration will be a successful one or not. If he doesn’t make the first step, you should ask for a test shooting. Usually, it will be free of charge, but you may want to offer a fee.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives first – a great photographer can be just a step from you. This will save you from the unnecessary hassle – and you certainly want to be worries free on your wedding day!

If you live in Virginia, check out photography in Virginia to find the best wedding photographer for your special event.

hair steamer

Our Top Five Hair Steamers

Trending in recent times, hair steamers have started to gain popularity in spas and beauty centers, especially among well-renowned celebrities and public figures. It consists of a round, dome-shaped steamer that fits over and covers the head, and a stand that helps support it. Steaming hair adds moisture to it, rejuvenates its pigmentation and coloration and restores its natural elasticity. It works by using heat and water to lift the cuticle on the hair shaft so all strands are evenly exposed to the cleaning and conditioning treatment they receive.

There are three brands renowned for creating the best steamers with integrated good features and new technologies, namely Salon Sundry, Skin Act and Milliard. The top five steamers in the market, starting from the top reviewed products, are as follows (sister site list of hair steamer reviews link here):

  • Professional barbershop Hair Amplifiers and Super Cuts: This product with a 4.8 rating is as cost-effective as it is useful. Affordable at $90, it has a water tank of 32-ounce capacity that can be taken of and replaced by another head. It uses a stainless steel coil and 650-watt power, and is extremely lightweight. Users commend it on its deep steam penetration, and the better absorbance of conditioner and moisturizers by their hair, as well as better color processing after it, claiming that a single treatment leaves their tresses so much softer and suppler.
  • Secura S-1988827 Base Model Hair Downer: Based on a 3.8 rating, this machine serves dual purpose of steaming your hair as well as the face. It restores hydration to these as well as enhances the effects of moisturization on the scalp. It contains an ozone generator that removes negative ions from the top of the head, thus helping to minimize itch and dandruff. Affordable at merely $80, it consumes 120V and has an auto cut off feature when water level drops a certain percentage below the main example.
  • Q-Management Beauty-held Hair Wholeifier: Rated again at a 3.8, this hand-held hair steamer is one of the newest entrants in the market. Affordable at $70, this machine operates on 120V and 650-watt power. It provides excellent steam that helps detangle, reshape, style and moisturize your hair from the first strand to the last.
  • Chromatique Professional Barber Time Hair Purifier: The next candidate stands at a commendable 3.7 rating, and is useful for conditioning, priming and dying your hair. It is equipped with a professional, durable hood, has adjustable height and temperature setting for steaming, and uses swivel casters for easy movement around the customer. With 32-ounce water holding capacity, this steamer is a good option to consider.
  • PIBBS Misty Hairstyling Steamer with SuperCasters: Rated relatively low at a 3.1 because of its sky-high price of $595, this product is durable, professional and provides grade steaming at spas and salons. It contains an adjustable, angled hood and side handles to accommodate to particular customers. It is also equipped with a pre-set 60-minute timer and temperature controllers.