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Our Top Five Hair Steamers

Trending in recent times, hair steamers have started to gain popularity in spas and beauty centers, especially among well-renowned celebrities and public figures. It consists of a round, dome-shaped steamer that fits over and covers the head, and a stand that helps support it. Steaming hair adds moisture to it, rejuvenates its pigmentation and coloration and restores its natural elasticity. It works by using heat and water to lift the cuticle on the hair shaft so all strands are evenly exposed to the cleaning and conditioning treatment they receive.

There are three brands renowned for creating the best steamers with integrated good features and new technologies, namely Salon Sundry, Skin Act and Milliard. The top five steamers in the market, starting from the top reviewed products, are as follows (sister site list of hair steamer reviews link here):

  • Professional barbershop Hair Amplifiers and Super Cuts: This product with a 4.8 rating is as cost-effective as it is useful. Affordable at $90, it has a water tank of 32-ounce capacity that can be taken of and replaced by another head. It uses a stainless steel coil and 650-watt power, and is extremely lightweight. Users commend it on its deep steam penetration, and the better absorbance of conditioner and moisturizers by their hair, as well as better color processing after it, claiming that a single treatment leaves their tresses so much softer and suppler.
  • Secura S-1988827 Base Model Hair Downer: Based on a 3.8 rating, this machine serves dual purpose of steaming your hair as well as the face. It restores hydration to these as well as enhances the effects of moisturization on the scalp. It contains an ozone generator that removes negative ions from the top of the head, thus helping to minimize itch and dandruff. Affordable at merely $80, it consumes 120V and has an auto cut off feature when water level drops a certain percentage below the main example.
  • Q-Management Beauty-held Hair Wholeifier: Rated again at a 3.8, this hand-held hair steamer is one of the newest entrants in the market. Affordable at $70, this machine operates on 120V and 650-watt power. It provides excellent steam that helps detangle, reshape, style and moisturize your hair from the first strand to the last.
  • Chromatique Professional Barber Time Hair Purifier: The next candidate stands at a commendable 3.7 rating, and is useful for conditioning, priming and dying your hair. It is equipped with a professional, durable hood, has adjustable height and temperature setting for steaming, and uses swivel casters for easy movement around the customer. With 32-ounce water holding capacity, this steamer is a good option to consider.
  • PIBBS Misty Hairstyling Steamer with SuperCasters: Rated relatively low at a 3.1 because of its sky-high price of $595, this product is durable, professional and provides grade steaming at spas and salons. It contains an adjustable, angled hood and side handles to accommodate to particular customers. It is also equipped with a pre-set 60-minute timer and temperature controllers.